Esplanade Ridge/Treme

streetCentrally located within the city, the neighborhood is made up of two historic districts, Esplanade Ridge and Treme, and extends from the French Quarter to City Park. Limited commercial development in the neighborhood has kept the residential character of the neighborhood, with elegant and historic architecture dating back to the 19th Century.

In 1809, the city purchased a plantation owned by a wealthy Louisiana planter, Claude Treme. A section of Treme was later designated as a red light district, known today as the famous and colorful “Storyville.” The area was named for Sidney Story, a councilman whose promotion of thewhole foods market legislation was only to “limit” prostitution, not “curtail” it. The area was made up of many great saloons, with both jazz and classical music being played in the area both day and night. Storyville was demolished in 1940.

whole_foodThe very picturesque area of Esplanade Avenue, with its many sycamores and large oaks, stretches from the river to Bayou St. John and connects the French Quarter to City Park. The French Quarter section of the avenue is reminiscent of a provincial town in the South of France.

A Fall Home Tour is sponsored by the neighborhood association each year.

Public transportation is available via buses throughout the area.