st_charlesThe Uptown area is bounded by Louisiana Avenue, the Mississippi River, Claiborne Avenue and Broadway Avenue. The area is a combination of residential, commercial and institutional buildings. The architecture is made up of shotgun houses, with Victorian detail, as well as some ranch-style homes.

The Uptown area gained substantial grown by 1860 after the dividing of plantations into residential land. By 1880, the district surrounded the City of Jefferson and Jefferson Avenue was the western boundary. The growth continued throughout the 1880s and 1890s, with the prestigious Audubon Place coming about in 1898. When Tulane University was relocated to its present location in the 1890s, the area gained an even higher prestige. The area became more densely populated throughout the early 20th Century and is now the core of residential New Orleans.

Public transportation is available either by streetcar down St. Charles Avenue, or by buses that run on the major streets of the area.

Community events include Mardi Gras on St. Charles, with some of the largest and oldest Krewes parading down St. Charles Avenue as the weeks lead up to Fat Tuesday.